Digital Signage in Manufacturing

How Digital Signage Is Complimenting the Factory Floor

 Digital signage has become one of the greatest assets in the manufacturing industry. This essential resource has become a primary communication and motivational tool for the factory floor. It has stepped up where email, PA systems, two-way radios and phones have failed. It’s wide spread adoption in this sector has led to improved safety and productivity.


Communicating Without Using Email

It’s a tough job to communicate vital company information on a daily basis to employees who are not in an office setting, hearing their email notifications going off every few minutes. For the workers on the factory floor, digital signage provides the perfect vehicle to disseminate information quickly, easily and in multiple languages. When these screens are placed near time clocks and break rooms they are even more effective. It is how many companies are keeping every single employee up to speed and on the same page. So, how do these screens miraculously boost morale, improve productivity and increase safety?


Keeping Your Eye on the Target

Showing real-time performance numbers and actual progress reports can motivate employees to finish projects by the target date and/or finish earlier.  Having a visual representation of the status of job completion can drive production at the plant. This can be up to the minute figures that motivate employees to reach their goals. These key performance indicators (KPI’s) are displayed using digital signage located near production lines. Workflow does not have to be interrupted at all as the information can be easily seen and absorbed without the need for time consuming meetings or any other communications that offset productivity.


Driving Competition with Gamification

Linked to this drive to boost production by showing results is the trend called “gamification”. This motivational tool uses game elements and scoreboards to instil a sense of healthy competition. Production figures rise and individuals and teams compete to win prizes or top positions on the gamification leaderboards. The digital signage keeps the entire workforce in the “game” by showing the scores, game announcements and prize winners throughout the shift.


You can also use digital signage to incentivize employees. You can display the Employee of the Month on the screens to honor excellence and to also encourage people to aim higher to gain recognition. If you create an incentive that is highly sought after you can radically improve work output.


Avoiding Injuries

Safety is always a huge concern in manufacturing.  It’s estimated that US companies pay close to $1Billion per week in workers compensation costs.  Factories are using digital signage to convey the number of days the facility has gone injury-free. It can also be used to promote necessary safety precautions. If there are any emergency alerts the digital signage boards can get the message out there quickly to help save lives. They can communicate what the emergency entails, where in the factory it is located and what action needs to be taken immediately. It can clearly show if it is a hazardous condition like a gas leak, chemical spills or toxic airborne particles that could lead to injury.


These visual alerts are more effective than sirens or whistles as you can instantly see the specific danger and where it is happening. You can evacuate employees easily to the right area which can minimize further damage.


Human Resources Best Ally

Digital signage also allows the use of content widgets and apps to be able to convey information for safety training and announcement for safety meetings. Human resource personnel are big fans of digital signage on the factory floor as they can convey a huge amount of time sensitive company information immediately. It’s a seamless mode of communication where all employees are kept up to date with what is going on in the business as well as any steps they need to take. HR might need to inform people about changes in policy, shift changes, training courses available, promotions, year end celebration details, healthy menu options outside the cafeteria, etc.


As a communication tool its applications are endless. Content can be constantly updated to captivate employee’s attention. It’s the ultimate source to put essential information in front of thousands of employees at the right time without disrupting their day. Give us a call so we can show you how to start reaping the benefits of a digital signage strategy at your plant.

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