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Intuitive Software
Display images and videos anywhere, anytime
Our patented, content management system can be mastered in a matter of minutes, eliminating costly and intensive training.
Customizeable Integrations
Content creation without logging in
Our US based development team can integrate with your existing API’s, allowing your content to be real-time and automatic.
Top- Level Security
Your security is our top priority
We include a multi-key network and license ID security system, providing peace of mind for your digital signage deployment

No long-term contracts. No training costs. No hidden fees.


Aurora's digital signage solution is changing the way businesses reach customers and employees.

House of Worship

Power any screen from a tablet to a video wall

Business Licensed Music
Stream Business Licensed Music from a variety of channels without the requirement of additional costly equipment or installation fees.
Connectivity Simplified
Our software uses extremely little data, making it compatible with M2M Cellular plans if you need to create a private network with added security.
Hardware and Installation
Our customers can purchase turnkey installation and hardware directly from Aurora or customize the project using their preferred vendors.
  • We're Ready Whenever You Are

    Our team handles all of the hard work. We set up your entire network and can coordinate installation and hardware requirements so all you have to do is upload content and watch it appear.

  • We all value relationships

    All of our customers have a direct relationship with a team member at Aurora so you know exactly who to contact with any questions or support needs.

  • A Team Approach

    Our software allows for multiple access levels for a variety of users, making life easy for you, your team, and your business. With Aurora, delegating control over displays is straightforward and effective.

  • Tracking and Reporting Features

    Monitor the health of your digital signage screens or run reports based on impression counts of content displayed for tracking or advertising purposes.


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Digital Signage Market Predicted to Garner USD 52.7 Bn By 2032, At CAGR 7.7%

Partnership Programs

The Digital Signage Industry is expected to reach $52.7 Billion by 2032. Aurora has a partnership program to help all VARS, Integrators, Content Designers, and Installers become part of the Digital Signage revolution now!

Improving Communication in these
communities and beyond

Simple yet sophisticated software puts complete control over every screen at your fingertips. Aurora's digital signage is always at work in these areas, so software users can confidently communicate at their convenience.



Before you purchase digital signage software from Aurora, our team will gain a full understanding of your requirements in order to provide exactly what you need for your project.
We learn about your organization, the type of content you want to display and discuss your budget so we can then recommend the absolute best digital signage solution for you.
We don’t want to sell you software and walk away. We want to make sure you know exactly who to call if you have questions and ensure your happiness with our product.

Aurora Digital Signage, Inc. was officially founded in February 2012 by Brent and Susan Robinson and is still run as a family business today. Because Aurora specializes in software, we have the flexibility to work with multiple installation, design and hardware suppliers in order to put together the best package for every customer.

Aurora is proud to be headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas surrounded by the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Northwest Arkansas is home to lakes, rivers, bike trails, arts, entertainment and University of Arkansas flagship campus. Learn more about Fayetteville and the Northwest Arkansas region here: Fayetteville, AR and Findingnwa

Aurora was recently named one of the top Retail Solutions of 2021.  To read more about us Click Here

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