Revenue Streams for Digital Signage Hardware & Software Resellers

In 2016 the global digital signage industry was valued at 19.61 billion USD and Statista sources place that figure at 32.84 billion USD by 2023. In the USA alone the digital signage market value was a massive 6 billion USD in 2016 and is expected to rise to at least 13.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. These figures point to a robust industry that continues to thrive. Organizations have recognized the power of digitization and are investing in digital signage hardware and software to vastly increase sales, improve their return on investment and streamline communications internally.


The Evolution of Digital Signage Technology


The applications for digital signage in both public and private organization spaces are extensive and this has created a high demand for this technology. Digital signage is not a brand new technology, it’s been around for ages, but it has successfully evolved to meet the needs of a wide array of client’s requirements. Vendors have continued to develop their products by investing in research and development to bring improved products to the industry faster and with a cheaper price tag.


Earning Residual Income


At Aurora we have designed our easy-to-use patented software to be beneficial to customers in multiple industries. We designed our enterprise level software platform to be mastered in just 7-minutes! The wide adoption of our technology led to the development of our Authorized Reseller Program. We offer our software licenses to you at a discounted rate. When you introduce your customers, across industries, to Aurora’s products you can generate substantial residual income for your organization.


Revenue Generating Opportunities


You will also be able to generate additional revenue from hardware, tech support, installation, connectivity etc. services as a full-service package offering. One of the greatest aspects of our reseller program is the ability to white label Aurora software. This means you can brand and market our software as your own without adhering to our branding or guideline restrictions. This reseller program is ideal for businesses that would like to create their own pricing models that best fit their organization.


Authorized Reseller Revenue Streams


Our Authorized Resellers have seen revenue generation potential from residual software fees; hardware sales, financing, warranties and support; installation services; connectivity management and content design. One of the unique selling points of our program is that you do not have to enter into any long-term contracts, you simply purchase licenses as you need them. You will also always have an assigned Aurora team member to assist you with sales, hardware requests and technical support.


How Clients Are Expanding Their Revenue Generation


Resellers have included print companies who are seeking innovative ways to generate revenue in this digitized age. Digital signage reselling provides them with new graphic design services to offer their clients. Companies that manage enterprise business’ cellular bills have found our Authorized Reseller Program allows them to expand to provide different business solutions. Gone are the days of earning revenue from marking up hardware for AV companies. These days customer’s have the world at their fingertips and will get the best possible price for all of their hardware needs without requiring a middleman. That’s where our reseller solutions step in to offer companies opportunities to create residual income beyond customer support and maintenance services.


Our partnership program is designed to help all VARS, integrators, content designers and installers get their foot in the door of the digital signage revolution.


We’d love to introduce you to our Authorized Reseller Program so you can see the many revenue generating streams available to you. Give us a call so one of our team members can lay out all of the options for you. You can also schedule a demo at your convenience so you can experience the ease of use of our software.



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