Healthcare Facilities Can Change the Flow of Waiting Rooms With Digital Screens Post COVID-19

Possibly no other industry in America has been hardest hit by foot traffic responding to COVID-19 than the healthcare industry.  With a need to immediately adapt to the influx of pandemonium that ensued, workers were inundated with a whole new world for which they were unprepared.  Key and areas within urgent care centers like the receptionist desk became the focal point for thousands across America.


Preparing the way for a whole new reality post-COVID-19, healthcare facilities now understand the need to streamline patient intake like never before. Gathering necessities like sign-in information, insurance requirements, and any essentials that reduce foot traffic at receptionist stations are key.  So are COVID-19 awareness and safety tips engagingly shown to patients while they wait.


This is where a rotating informational display of JPEGs and MP4 videos on any type of screen comes into play. Aurora Digital Signs’ user-friendly software can trigger multi-facility communication screens with an application that’s mastered in minutes. Content is displayed instantly keeping anyone in a waiting room constantly aware.


Compatible with cellular data plans for added security and a private network, Aurora’s proprietary software has flat-rate pricing and no long-term contracts.  Without training costs, functionality is simplistic, and all upgrades and technical support are included.


COVID-19 changed the game. Let’s turn that into a new way to achieve best practices for those we serve.

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