Grocery Stores Benefit with Digital Signage

In today’s busy retail marketplace your customers have to ignore a lot of clutter.  With advertisements on the radio, t.v. and mail – both paper and electronic, it’s easy for consumers to block out all the noise and stick to their routine purchase items.  Encourage additional spending by incorporating digital signage!

So, what is “effective” digital signage for a grocery store chain? You have the ability to share your weekly specials, of course, but here are a few other ideas to make sure you get the best return on your investment:

Try Video!

A brief video on a new product line will definitely grab the eye of your shoppers. Ask your vendors if they have their own marketing videos to share – let their team do the work for you!

Daily Specials

Offer a daily special that is only available for shoppers who happen to be in the store that day.  It will be like a little surprise for them, and might encourage them to view your digital screens more often so they don’t miss anything.

Control Food Costs and Reduce Waste

Use high resolution images to encourage impulse purchases.  Push items that are more expensive, have a shorter shelf life or aren’t selling fast enough.

Drive Traffic to Your Social Pages

You’re likely already on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Use your screens to remind your shoppers to follow you.  Promote contests, recipes and other information to draw more attention to your pages.  Simply say “Find us on Facebook.” They’ll find you  and may never have considered following you before they saw the signs.

Tips and Info

A “Did you know…?” is always a good way to grab attention. Tell your customers about the shelf life of a gallon of milk, and how you keep them safe by checking dates. What farms do you purchase your local produce from? How about a tip on substituting apple sauce for oil in baking recipes? Or share info on your company history – date founded, employees serving in the military, etc… put your thinking caps on!

You’re probably already jotting down ideas as you read this, right? Don’t waste any time – give us a call today and let’s talk about what we can do to bring you into the 21st century with digital signage in your store! Call toll-free 855-742-9039.

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