Digital Signage – Providing Transportation Solutions in Real Time

Digital Signage – Providing Transportation Solutions in Real Time

Digital signs and electronic menu boards are the perfect way to transform your transportation business from the mundane to the state-of-the-art. If you are seeking a way to make your service stand out from the competition, increase customer transparency and communication and perhaps even generate more advertising revenue than what you are already producing then read on… because digital signage is the way to do all of the above and more.

Why Would I want Digital Signage in my Vehicle?

Digital and electronic signs have the capability of doing much more than simply alerting clients of your schedule or telling them when the next stop is. Harnessed correctly, a few well placed screens can replace traditional advertisements such as posters or billboards and be utilized to place adverts on your bus, train or in your taxi on a looped cycle that displays a series of businesses. This can dramatically increase your potential to generate a passive income through your business. The advertising can even be for your own firm, allowing you to increase your own potential without costing you a single extra dime. Advertising with electronic signs in your car, on your train or in your subway coach could actually earn you money instead of costing you.

Electronic menu boards can rotate adverts as well as schedules, but they can also be used to promote customer awareness of your other products and services, or even of the perks and benefits of traveling with you. Digital signs improve the customer experience which is of particular use to customers with hearing issues. Information can be passed seamlessly throughout your whole transportation fleet when you use electronic signage, and it can all be done with the click of a button through a user friendly interface.

For those trying to build up a fleet of vehicles,  digital signage is a must for communication. As well as having a direct improvement on your advertising revenue electronic signs can help boost community causes, improve social attitudes towards your service and will help you stay ahead of the digital trend. What more could you want from a sign?

The Benefits of Digital Signage in your Transportation Service:

  • Alert passengers to potential delays, regular schedules, roadwork or safety issues and even help spread Amber Alerts on the road.
  • Convey information in real-time to every vehicle at once, up to and including your corporate offices.
  • Display safety procedures in the event of emergency situations, remind passengers of why your service is the best, develop transparency and open the lines of communication.
  • Generate greater advertising revenue by including more advertisers on your electronic menu board.

Aurora Digital Signage

Here at Aurora Digital Signage we provide the very finest quality of digital signage for commercial transportation services just like yours. We have years of on-the-job experience and are ready to help install our first class systems on your transport service. Contact us today to start generating more advertising revenue while staying ahead of the digital communication trend.

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