Digital Signage in Food Manufacturing Plants post COVID-19

COVID-19 Moves the Food Industry Toward Digital Signage That Not Only Encompasses But Goes Beyond Menu Boards

We all wish the world wasn’t forever changed but, the truth is, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has.  Now, more than ever before, the marketplace will demand that businesses keep their employees apprised of best practices in a way that engages their attention.  Posted office memos are no longer effective in an age where digital screens are in play at every turn.

The pandemic has forced companies to change with the times.

In the food manufacturing industry, that takes on a whole new tone.  For instance, information like good hygiene procedures and optimal health practices take center stage in a new way. Every employer has a new job.  They have to keep their staff focused on how to calculate risk, reduce injuries to customers and themselves, and engage in a culture of productivity.

Enter Aurora Digital Signage.

Now, information like this, as well as human resources material, and boosts to company morale, can be in employees' sight-line instantly.  How so? By utilizing electronic indoor billboards that show JPEGs and MP4 videos managed via one user-friendly software application. Aurora’s software can power any number of multi-facility communication screens instantly, regardless of where they’re located.

It’s intuitive, scalable, takes minimal training time, and will connect to any type of display from tablets to televisions, indoor/outdoor screens, video walls, or billboards.

Welcome to informative innovation at the fingertips.

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