We're Ready Whenever You Are

Our team handles all of the hard work.  We set up your entire network and can coordinate installation and hardware requirements so all you have to do is upload content and watch it appear.

Easy to Maintain

Control an unlimited number of signs in multiple locations.  Simple yet sophisticated software puts complete control over every screen at your fingertips.

We All Value Relationships

All of our customers have a direct relationship with a team member at Aurora so you know exactly who to contact with any questions or support needs.

Quickly Update Content

If your messaging needs to change throughout the day, week, or month, then Aurora is the perfect solution for you.  Aurora allows you to instantly display or schedule images and videos on your selected screens with the click of a button.

Connectivity Simplified

Our software uses extremely little data, making it compatible with M2M Cellular plans if you need to create a private network with added security.

Emergency Alert System

Always be prepared with Aurora’s content override Emergency Alert System. Instantly make viewers aware of emergencies or temporarily stop regularly scheduled content in order to display something urgent.  Resume your regular rotation at anytime.

Enterprise Level Software with Boutique Style Service

Ready to find out more?

Click here to schedule a convenient time to learn more about the Aurora software platform and how it can improve your communication needs today!

API and Other Development Capabilities

If your company needs a specific API developed to work in coordination with our software, our US based development team is happy to discuss your needs and provide a timeline and development plan based on feasibility and requirements.

Tracking and Reporting Features

Monitor the health of your digital signage screens or run reports based on impression counts of content displayed for tracking or advertising purposes.

A Team Approach

Our software allows for multiple access levels for a variety of users, making life easy for you, your team, and your business.  With Aurora, delegating control over displays is straightforward and effective.

Grow at Your Own Pace

Our scalable system allows you to easily increase your number of screens at your own schedule.  Expand and grow your network when you are ready.

Business Licensed Music

Stream Business Licensed Music from a variety of channels without the requirement of additional costly equipment or installation fees.

Security is Our Top Priority

Our #1 concern is your security. We put in place a multi-key network and license I.D. security system, allowing you to run your digital signage network with peace of mind.