Benefits of Digital Signage in Banks

The digital signage industry has grown to become a billion-dollar business.  In 2016, the industry was valued at over $19 billion and is expected to reach $32.84 billion by 2023.  In the financial sector, the value of digital signage cannot be overemphasized.

According to reports, many people confirm they rely on digital signs in banks to get basic information.

Some common ways financial institutions use digital signage to improve customer experience are as follows;
• Display welcome messages to make customers feel appreciated
• Promote offerings and specials at specific times
• Improve aesthetics and strengthen brand loyalty

Digital signage is an investment that has outstanding benefits regardless of the bank’s size.  Improving user experience helps smaller institutions get a higher competitive edge in the markets.

Some ROI digital signage benefits are as follows;

Increased deposits
Customers who can quickly find information about interest rates and other value-added services displayed on electronic boards will read the offer on the signage and acknowledge benefits immediately often leading to increased deposits and transactions.

Reduced staffing needs
Financial institutions do not need to employ more staff to approach and educate every client about the company’s financial products or require employees to install and replace printed marketing materials every time there is a change in content.

Strengthened brand loyalty
Increase in customer satisfaction and awareness of bank offerings and philanthropic endeavors through effective communication strengthens brand loyalty.

Quick and effective communication
Content can be adjusted in all branches or only on one particular screen if there is a change in messaging, instantly.  Financial institutions no longer have to wait to print, ship and install materials.

Digital signage can be customised to display all types of digital communication.  Aurora Digital Signage offers multiple pricing structures and programs as well the opportunity to test our products at your location for 30 days before purchase.  Call us today, let’s give you a digital medium to communicate your message.

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