Bad Digital Content: The Silent Killer

Whether you are a small business owner with one panel in one location sharing info with your customers, or a large corporation using a network of panels to communicate with employees and consumers simultaneously, you are only as successful as your content. So, how can you be sure to reach your audience and be sure they make a choice based on your message? No Bad Content!!

Here are some examples of bad content that can prevent you from getting the return on your investment you want. Do any of these apply to you?

Displaying expired content – The best way to make your customers or employees stop looking at your digital display panels is to keep feeding them information that is out of date. Last week’s meeting times, yesterday’s sale flyer… you’re training them to look away.

Doesn’t fit the screen – You can create the most awesome image and words that will knock their socks off, but if parts of your message are hanging out beyond the margins of the screen, no one is impressed.

Requiring a USB flash drive to change out content – Let’s just call it what it is. Old fashioned. Soooo 2010. New digital display software allows you to network all of your panels in one location, and change messaging and images on a whim. You are wasting manpower and money requiring a USB for every panel.

Vertical image on horizontal screen or vice versa – Try putting Grandma Betty’s portrait in a horizontal frame and see how that works. Now, stop doing it on your digital panels, you just look silly.

Too many words – We love words! But not too many. It could be tempting to throw in a reference to pop culture or the latest fashion trends when creating an ad for the upcoming sale in the Junior’s Department, but all you really need to say is “BIG SALE this Friday in the Junior’s Department!”

No clear message – When you are creating that super-concise message about the sale, be sure to let people know where and when. “Big Sale!” doesn’t quite do the job.

Distracting images – We also love great imagery! But don’t let the photos in your slides detract from the message you are trying to drive home with your audience. You want them to know about the sale on Friday, not be left wondering what Lady Gaga was wearing on her head.

Aurora Digital Signage is ready to help you create eye-catching and clear messages for your digital panels, with a design team available whenever you need them. Call today for more information or to schedule a consultation, toll-free 855-742-9039.

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