Our Story

Aurora Digital Signage, Inc. was officially founded in February 2012 by Brent and Susan Robinson and is still run as a family business today.  Three years before starting Aurora, we operated another company that sold advertising on digital signage screens in high traffic areas.

We could not find a CMS platform that was easy enough for our team to quickly learn, that we could afford or that actually worked without black screens and constant error messages.  Our team needed to be able to instantly update signs with new advertising images, regardless if a screen was a block from our office or 200 miles away and we did not want to worry about maintenance at hundreds of locations.  Because we couldn't find a solution with other software, we developed our own for our company's use.  After a couple of years and multiple requests from clients, it became clear that our software could be utilized in almost any industry which was when Aurora began.

Over the years the Aurora team has survived a recession, seen a dramatic drop in the cost of hardware and developed the software to effectively run over cellular connectivity.  The company is self-funded without the involvement of VCs or investment banks, giving Aurora the ability to act quickly and with agility to get projects completed.  We have experience in all types of installations and setups and can prevent customers from costly mistakes or being upsold on hardware that isn't necessary.

Because Aurora specializes in software, we have the flexibility to work with multiple installation, design and hardware suppliers in order to put together the best package for every customer.  Through our referral, reseller and independent software provider programs, Aurora is partnered with many of the top IoT integrators, designers and AV companies in North America.

Family is the top priority of Aurora.  Our daughter even named the business after a trip to Disney World which is why the crown is featured in the logo.  Drew Selig, VP of Sales, left a successful career in logistics to work with Aurora after decades of close friendship with us.

The team at Aurora wants all of our customers to feel like they are part of the family too.  We look forward to getting to know our customers, partners and providers and strive to always create positive relationships with top quality digital signage results.

MEet the Aurora Leadership Team